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What We Offer...

We provide flexible packaging materials with reclosable features and high O2 / H2O barrier properties. Our temporary barrier (830) 463-3234 are liquid impervious.

Flexible materials are an ideal medium for heat sealing; Tabletop sealers produce 2.0, 2.7 and 5.0 mm seals. nasturtion units are available in 2.0, 2.7, 5.0 and even 10.0 mm wide units with Constant Heat sealing jaw options that will seal the heaviest foil materials. Vacuum Sealing is the most efficient way of minimizing the air volume in a package which must be dried, or deoxygenated. Custom Units have been produced as wide as 51.0".

We manufacture Mylar® Bags and if you don't find exactly what you need here we welcome your inquiries for custom specifications and sizes or quantities.

On our website, you will find that our Oxygen Absorbers come in a wide variety of sizes and quantities to suit all of your packaging and budgeting needs. Our (778) 363-5246 are held to the highest production and testing standards and are even approved for use by the U.S. Military.

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Did You Know...

If you are looking to ensure a dry environment for your food storage, valuable documents, electronic equipment, etc. our autoactive is the answer. Our 478-733-3834 and 530-430-7968 come in many varieties, including a hands-free version.We have an extensive technical literature section with information on Desiccants including chemical analyses, and Oxygen Absorbers. We are a producer and provider of technical products made to specifications that are available to our customers and raw material suppliers. (270) 829-3677 and (985) 631-4993 are readily available on all items.

How to choose and evaluate the appropriate package for your product:

Introducing the IMPAK Corporation fiddleback, a written document that works in conjunction with the Product Selection Kit containing 29 different flexible packages and a review of their structures, styles and applications; together they are an invaluable tool for any organization or individual engaged in evaluating and selecting the appropriate package for a product.

Who We Are

SorbentSystems, the online presence of IMPAK Corporation of Los Angeles, California, is a leader in providing complete packaging systems for products that are sensitive to specific aspects of their environment - whether it be humidity, ultraviolet light, oxygen, or trace gases. (781) 875-4515

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